What is the Best Blender? Your Ultimate Kitchen Ally

Discover the top blender for your kitchen in our guide! From smoothies to soups, find your perfect culinary companion for easy blending and pureeing (and of course Ice Cream making).

In a busy kitchen, appliances are essential tools that have changed the way we prepare food and drinks.

Blenders are one of these essential appliances and their flexibility and effectiveness make them indispensable for all cooks, from beginners to pros.

There are many blenders to choose from, each with its own features and claims, making the search for the best blender both exciting and overwhelming.

In this article, we’ll explore the key factors that set apart the top blenders. We’ll consider blending power, versatility, design, capacity, and user-friendly features to help you find the blender that suits your cooking needs and gives you the perfect blending partner in the kitchen.

The Power to Blend

At the heart of every great blender lies its blending power. This power determines how effortlessly and efficiently the blender can transform ingredients into smooth concoctions.

High-wattage motors boast the ability to blend tough and fibrous ingredients with ease, whether it’s crushing ice for refreshing smoothies or blending leafy greens into silky green juices.

On the other hand, blenders with lower wattage may be ideal for simple blending tasks and everyday recipes.

Embracing VersatilityDiscovering the Best Blender: Your Ultimate Kitchen Ally image 1 black-blender+kiwi+pineapple-inside frosted fusions

The best blender is one that adapts to your diverse culinary needs, proving its worth with every meal prepared.

Look for blenders equipped with multiple speed settings and blending functions, allowing you to customise the texture and consistency of your creations.

From pureeing soups and making creamy sauces to creating nut butter and crushing frozen fruits, versatility opens up a world of culinary possibilities.

Design and Capacity

A well-designed blender seamlessly blends into your kitchen setup while offering practicality and ease of use.

Consider the blender’s shape and size and design aesthetics, ensuring it complements your kitchen décor.

Additionally, examine the blender’s capacity, choosing one with a volume that aligns with your typical batch sizes and storage space.

User-Friendly Features

Blending should be a breeze, and the best blenders incorporate user-friendly features that enhance the blending experience. Look for blenders with easy-to-use controls, intuitive blending presets, and secure locking mechanisms for safe operation.

Additionally, dishwasher-safe components and easy-cleaning designs add convenience to your daily blending routine.

Real Reviews and Recommendations

While features and specifications are valuable, hearing from real users can provide invaluable insights. Check our customer reviews and recommendations to gauge the performance and durability of the blender in real-life scenarios.

Pay attention to feedback on noise level, longevity, and customer service to make an informed decision.

Making a choice to suit your needs

As we navigate the labyrinth of blenders, identifying the best blender becomes a journey of aligning personal preferences with performance and functionality.

Armed with the knowledge of blending power, versatility, design, capacity, user-friendly features, and budget you can confidently select a blender that elevates your culinary prowess and seamlessly blends brilliance into every dish, drink, and Ice Cream you create.

Blenders can range anything from £15.00 to £200.00 depending on each blender’s specifications.

Let’s take a look at a few blenders

This will help you consider the reviews and hopefully, this will give you an idea of what you need to look out for when purchasing your own.

We’ve arranged the blenders from the cheapest to the most expensive. Prices can change daily, so click on each product to get the current price.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Bonsenkitchen Hand Blender, 300W Immersion Blender Handheld, Stick Blender Electric with Stainless Steel Blade for Making Baby Food, Soups, Sauce, HB3201 (Black)
Bonsenkitchen-Immersion-handheld-Electric-Stainless12 Speeds & Turbo – 300W hand blender motor with 12-speed turbo control. Speed up food preparation.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Blade – The sharp double-edged knife is made of 304 stainless steel, for quick cleaning, the mixing foot (blender attachment) can be detached for cleaning.

Ergonomic Design – Built with an ergonomically designed body with rubberised grip for a secure grip and comfortable blending.

Thoughtful Design – Convenient hanging loop and 1m power cord on the top of the hand mixer, suitable for any kitchen and easy to use.

Quality Guarantee – No toxic chemicals will be released during food processing. 12 months quality guarantee


  • Many reviews state this blender wasn’t very powerful, and that the blender struggled to break down certain foods.
  • Other reviews said this blender seemed to go too fast even on a low-speed
  • The cable was mentioned as being quite short
  • The plastic containers that come with this blender cracked quite soon after purchase

Overall this product seems to have rather mixed reviews on its performance, however, most reviews stated that it did the job, and people were accepting that considering it is cheap, they got what they paid for.

Breville Flow Jug Blender & Smoothie Maker | 700W | 1.75L Glass Jug | Slate Grey [VBL242]
Breville-Blender-Smoothie-Maker-VBL242Powerful jug blender with an elegant, flowing textured design and gloss finish

700W motor and 5 speeds plus pulse smoothly blend frozen berries and ice with juice and other liquids

Durable glass jug with 1.5L working capacity

2-piece lid allows you to add extra ingredients whilst blending

Jug and detachable blending blade are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

Non-slip feet and cord storage keep your kitchen worktop neat and tidy

Note: The unit must not be used for more than three minutes without a one-minute rest period, If operated incorrectly potential to damage the internal motor. The jug lid must be fitted correctly for the unit to operate, the jug contains a built-in interlock which must be engaged for the unit to power on.


  • As with any blender, the more liquid used, the smoother the blended mixture, but reviews suggest smoothies weren’t as smooth as hoped for
  • The lid operates by clicking into position, as a safety feature, the blender won’t work until the lid is in its correct position. Challenging to secure it correctly and prise off.
  • The rubber seal under the blade appears to be fiddly but aligns after some practice
  • Easy to clean as everything comes apart. The jug can go in the dishwasher.
  • The jug itself is solid glass but the blender has a ‘cheap plastic base’
  • Reviews mention the glass cracking despite cooling liquids first

Overall there were many satisfied customers and positive reviews, but the main comment that came up several times is that smoothies weren’t smooth and certain components of the blender were fiddly to use.

NUTRiBULLET 600 Series – Nutrient Extractor High-Speed Blender – 600 W – Graphite
NUTRiBULLET-600-Nutrient-Extractor-GraphiteHIGH SPEED BLENDER – the original and best-selling NutriBullet

POWERFUL NUTRIENT EXTRACTOR – Nutribullet’s powerful 600W motor and cyclonic technology create delicious NutriBlasts by breaking down whole vegetables, fruits, and nuts for maximum nutrition extraction.

8 PIECE SET OF ATTACHMENTS – Set includes; High torque power base, Extractor blade, Tall cup (680ml), Short Cup (511ml), Handled Comfort Lip Ring, Stay-Fresh Lid, User Manual

QUICK AND EASY – quick, easy to use, and simple to clean – just rinse under warm water.


  • The blender looks great and it is powerful and compact.
  • When you turn the cup upside down it leaks and this seems to be a regular problem with this blender
  • The blender is quiet and many commented on this feature
  • The instruction booklet seems heavy on safety warnings which seems to be a put-off to many
  • The seal around the blade often needs readjusting and is tricky to put back in
  • Many stated leakage of a brown liquid around the blade, perhaps rust. A common issue noted in the Q&A’s
  • The lockdown feature seems popular allowing users to walk away from the blender and do other things
  • The larger diameter cups make it easier to pour without spillage
  • Reviews suggest that after a year the blender becomes noisier and becomes less efficient
  • The instructions are clear and well presented, with some good additional information and meal suggestions.

Overall most reviews are positive about this blender. The resulting smoothies are well mixed, the blender appears to be very powerful and capable. For the price, most people were very satisfied.

Biolomix Professional Blender, 2200W 6 preset smart IQ, manual mode to adjust time and speed, 2L capacity with 500ml grinding cup, Smoothie Blender for Crushing Ice, Frozen Dessert, Soup
Biolomix-Professional-capacity-grinding-SoupProfessional Countertop Blender – With 2200 watts of professional performance power, the professional countertop blender can easily crush and blend an array of ingredients. supporting your healthy lifestyle and fitting your daily nutritional needs in a simple easy way.

Preset Auto Programs – 6 preset auto-iQ programs allow you to create juice, ice crush, smoothies, sauce, grind, and hot soups. Note: The hot soup mode is Blade Friction Heating generated by high speed, bringing cold ingredients to steaming hot in about six minutes.

Manual Variable Speed Control – 9 variable speeds can handle fresh or frozen fruits & vegetables with ease, and easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures. Manual mode can adjust time and speed arbitrarily

BPA-FreeThe jar and the lid are all made from food-grade BPA-Free material, safe and healthy. Great for making drinks and smoothies for the whole family as well for commercial use.

What You Get – (1) 2200-peak-watt motor base Rated power 1500W),(1) 2L ( 1.6L Max) Square pitcher with lid and vented lid cap and 8 wave blades,(1)500ml grinding cup (1)Tamper, and (1) User manual.


  • Reviews say you need to hold the switch continuously whilst blending which some people found limiting.
  • Very powerful frequently came out of each review, capable of grinding anything

Overall reviews on this blender were very positive. All stating how powerful this blender is, and very easy to use. with good sized 2L capacity

Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor & Blender, 1.8 L Bowl, 2.1 L Jug, 700 ml Cup, 1200 W, Coffee & Spice Grinder, 5 Auto Programs; Blend, Max, Chop, Puree, Mix, Dishwasher Safe, Copper/Black
Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor & Blender, Coffee & Spice Grinder, 5 Auto Programs; Blend, Max, Chop, Puree, Mix, 1.8L Bowl, 2.1L Jug, 700ml Cup, 1200W, Apron, Dishwasher Safe, Copper/Black3 APPLIANCES IN 1: Blend, chop, slice, puree & mix anything from dips & drinks to doughs. Intelligent one-touch programs combine unique timed pulse, pause & blend patterns to do the hard work for you

POWERFUL FOOD PROCESSOR: Prepare pizza, bread & cookie dough, cake mix, burgers, fishcakes, salads, grated cheese, sliced vegetables & more with the Chopping Blade, Dough Tool & Slicing/Grating Disc

MULTI & SINGLE SERVE BLENDERS: Blend dips, dressings, and drinks for sharing in the 2.1L jug. For single-serve drinks, add ingredients to the 700ml cup, blend with one button touch & add the spout lid

NINJA BLADE TECHNOLOGY: Driven by a powerful 1200W motor, Ninja’s durable blades are built to last & put to the test with 1000 ice-crushing cycles. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe & BPA-free

INCLUDES: 3-in-1 Food Processor, 1200W Base, 1.8L Bowl, 2.1L Jug, 700ml Cup, Slicing/Grating Disc, Dough Tool, Chopping, Stacked & Pro Extractor Blades, Coffee & Spice Grinder, Apron, Recipe Guide.

DIMENSIONS: H47cm x W19cm x D25cm (with Bowl attachment). 2-year guarantee upon registration with Ninja


  • Some reviews suggested this blender wasn’t built to last. Frequently having problems not long after the warranty expired
  • Some suggest the product feels cheap in quality, despite the price
  • The blender lid is prone to failing, which means you have to stand over the blender and hold it to blend effectively. Other accessories, jugs, for example, appear to break and are pricey to replace
  • Blends all types of foods very well.
  • Touch buttons are easy to use and have a handy automatic timer
  • Very easy to clean
  • The cup lid seems to leak and this is a recurring statement
  • Some reviews stated that it was too loud

Overall this product had very many problems reported, which considering the price was quite a surprise. Lots of failing parts, although many commented on the power of this product.

In Summary

All these blenders do as it says on the tin – they blend! All with varying levels of success. With the cheaper models, as much as they blended, it wasn’t necessarily with the greatest of results.

The mid-range options certainly had a lot of positive reviews, but breakages of accessory items seemed to rank quite highly.

With regards to the higher-priced models, these had fair reviews but considering the price jump from the mid-range, the reviews weren’t 100% brilliant.

You can invest in the higher-priced options, but, likely, you can still achieve what you’re hoping to with the lower-valued blenders. Of course, it’s for you to gauge based on your budget and potential level of usage.

We have reviewed only 5 blenders out of 100’s available. Hopefully, it will give you an overview of what to look for and get you thinking about what your needs are. Click the following link to see a full range of Blenders that are available.

We hope you have enjoyed reading through this review and that it has given you a better understanding of what to expect from a blender.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a message below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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