All About Ice Cream

Dive into the World of Ice Cream: A Delectable Journey through History, Flavours, and Fun Facts. Discover the Sweet Secrets of Frozen Delights at Frosted Fusions

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Dairy Free vs Lactose Free: What is the Difference?

Dairy Free vs Lactose-Free: Learn about the crucial distinctions and choose the right path to a healthier lifestyle. Our dietary world is ever-changing, with increasing levels of intolerance and alternative dietary choices being made in the pursuit of healthier lifestyles. Understanding the difference between “Dairy-Free” and “Lactose-Free” is more important than ever. Whether you’re exploring […]

All About Ice Cream, Alternative Diets, Healthier Options, Recipes & Methods

Balancing Flavour and Health: Natural Sweeteners and Homemade Ice Cream

Craft guilt-free ice cream with natural sweeteners in your homemade ice cream. Discover taste and health in every scoop! When we enjoy frozen treats, or in fact any dessert, we often face a dilemma between rich, creamy flavours and staying healthy. Ice cream tends to be very sweet, but as we become more health-conscious, we […]

All About Ice Cream, Alternative Diets, Healthier Options, Ice Creams, Recipes & Methods

Diabetes and Ice Cream: Making a Healthier Choice

Diabetic-friendly frozen treats are a thing! Learn and discover tips for guilt-free enjoyment. Make smarter choices for a sweeter life. Diabetes is on the increase according to The World Health Organisation (WHO). Key statistics provided state; “The number of people with diabetes rose from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.” Source: World […]