The Scoop on Artisan Ice Cream

The Scoop on Artisan Ice Cream, where crafted desserts and unique flavours take centre stage.

Globally, there’s an upsurge in demand for Artisan Ice Cream. With huge sales projected over the coming years, what is all the fuss about? Why is Artisan Ice Cream in such high demand and literally on the tip of everyone’s tongues right now?

Let’s find out more about Artisan Ice Cream and why there’s so much attention being given to this art of making ice cream.

What Exactly is Artisan Ice Cream?

The term “artisan” refers to a skilled craftsman or craftsperson who creates or produces high-quality, handcrafted goods.

In the context of food, especially ice cream, artisan products are made with great care and attention to detail, often using traditional or time-honoured methods. These products are typically created in smaller batches, with an emphasis on quality, authenticity, and unique flavours.

When you think about that definition of Artisan, instantly Gelato springs to mind.

Handcrafted, high-quality, traditional, and time-honoured methods, are all the attributes that I would apply to Gelato, but there are some key differences.

The Scoop on Artisan Ice Cream image 2 ice cream scoops on long white dish with fresh fruits lavender and herbs scatters around a few silver spoons and fresh green leaves frosted fusions

Artisan vs Gelato.

Artisan ice cream and Gelato are both delicious, handcrafted and traditional frozen treats, but they have some notable differences.

Artisan ice cream is typically known for its handcrafted nature, where each batch is carefully prepared with a focus on quality ingredients and unique flavours. It often has a creamier and denser texture compared to standard commercial ice creams.

On the other hand, gelato, an Italian speciality, is known for its lower fat content compared to traditional ice cream. It has a silkier, smoother consistency due to the slower churning process and a slightly warmer serving temperature. Gelato often boasts intense, authentic flavours and a focus on using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

While artisan ice cream is all about craftsmanship and unique flavours, gelato distinguishes itself through its lower fat content, smoother texture, and commitment to preserving the integrity of each ingredient’s flavour.

Both offer wonderful frozen experiences for those who appreciate the art of frozen desserts.

Artisan Ice Cream in High Demand.

Artisan ice creams are currently experiencing a surge in demand globally, captivating the taste buds of consumers with their premium quality and unique flavours.

The artisanal approach to ice cream production, characterised by a commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and innovative flavour combinations, has won the hearts of discerning food enthusiasts and indirectly has been driven by consumers wanting healthier options.

With a growing preference for handcrafted, small-batch delicacies, artisan ice cream makers are rising to the occasion, offering an escape from mass-produced alternatives.

As consumers seek authentic, flavourful experiences, the artisan ice cream industry is well-positioned for continued growth and success, bringing delicious joy to both creators and consumers alike.

Homemade Ice Cream vs Artisan Ice Cream.

Homemade and Artisan ice creams share a common commitment to exceptional flavour and quality, making them both delicious and healthful choices for ice cream lovers.

Just like artisan ice cream, homemade varieties often feature premium ingredients, offering a personal touch that captures the essence of the maker’s creativity and passion.

Both styles emphasise the use of fresh, local, and natural ingredients, and they avoid artificial additives and preservatives.

What sets them apart is the scale of production – homemade ice cream is crafted in smaller batches, typically within the confines of one’s kitchen, while artisan ice cream is produced in small-batch, specialised shops, but that’s the only major difference.

In essence, both homemade and artisan ice creams represent a dedication to the craft and a devotion to creating the most delicious frozen treats possible, making them equally satisfying options for those who seek a genuine and flavoursome ice cream experience.

The Scoop on Artisan Ice Cream image 3 4 scoops of ice cream each with correllating fresh fruit peaches cherries blueberries choc shard and strawberries scattered frosted fusions

Being an Artisan Ice Cream Maker.

Aside from the difference in quantity of production, when you prepare to make your own homemade ice cream, you are donning your Artisan chef hat!

Remember, the term ‘Artisan’ refers to a skilled craftsman or craftsperson who creates or produces high-quality, handcrafted goods, which is exactly what you do when crafting your own homemade ice cream.

Creating something that ticks every box – healthful, free from artificial additives, using fresh fruit and veggies, and above all delicious. Being an artisan ice cream maker is incredibly rewarding, and it’s a creative path for those passionate about crafting exceptional frozen treats.

The first step is gaining an understanding of the science and techniques behind ice cream production. This may involve experimenting with recipes at home, perhaps taking culinary classes, YouTube is great to watch and learn techniques, or there’s even working in an established ice cream shop to gain hands-on experience.

Once you’ve honed your skills, the next phase is perfecting your signature flavours, what works best for you and your friends and family. And you’ll find, as you gain knowledge and skill, you develop a commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Artisan ice cream makers often prioritise fresh, seasonal produce and innovative combinations to set themselves and their frozen treats apart.

The Art of Creating Unique Flavours.

When it comes to artisan ice cream, one of the key attractions is the unending array of unique and mouthwatering flavours that are available, in fact there literally are no limits. What we love the most about our crafting and creating our homemade ice creams is fusing unexpected flavours, whilst using the freshest of ingredients.

Artisan ice cream makers, globally are renowned for their creativity, taking inspiration from local ingredients, cultural influences, and seasonal produce to craft distinct flavours that can’t be found in mass-produced alternatives.

Whether it’s a lavender-infused honey ice cream or a spicy mango chilli ice cream, these flavour innovations are what set artisan ice creams apart, enticing customers to explore a world of tantalising taste experiences.

The Magic of Ingredients.
The Scoop on Artisan Ice Cream image 4 seelction of fresh fruits and vegetables frosted fusions

High-quality ingredients are the foundation of artisan ice cream, and the sourcing of these high-quality ingredients process is an art in itself. Artisan ice cream makers often form close relationships with local farmers and suppliers to ensure the freshness and authenticity of their ingredients.

The use of fresh, ripe fruits, local dairy, and premium chocolates is the norm, resulting in a flavour explosion with every scoop. This commitment to quality not only enhances the taste but also supports local communities and sustainable farming practices, making every indulgence that much sweeter.

And for those who are a little green-fingered, the opportunity to grow your own fresh fruit and veggies inspires the use of those ingredients in your own homemade ice creams too. We’re lucky to be able to grow a selection of fruits, veggies, lavender and herbs, all of which we thoroughly love to utilise in our artisanal creations.

Crafting the Future of Frozen Desserts.

With the attention firmly set on the Artisan Ice Cream industry, artisan ice cream stands as a symbol of innovation and passion, inviting us to savour the beauty of small-batch, handcrafted treats.

As the demand for artisan ice cream continues to soar, it’s clear that consumers are not merely seeking a sweet indulgence; they’re yearning for a rich and authentic experience.

From the artistic flavour profiles to the meticulous ingredient choices, artisan ice cream is a testament to the artistry of food, the commitment to quality, and the celebration of uniqueness.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of this delectable dessert or aspire to become an artisan ice cream maker yourself, you’re contributing to a legacy of genuine flavour and pure delight, one scoop at a time.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Artisan Ice Creams and its very close connection to Homemade Ice Cream.

Do drop us a comment below if you have any questions and we’ll be glad to get back to you.


  1. Hi Cherie,
    I just scooped through your article on artisan ice cream; it’s cool! You’ve stirred up some real excitement about these handcrafted flavors, making anyone crave a taste. But here’s a twist: with all this talk about unique, quality ingredients, aren’t we forgetting the simple joy of basic ice cream? I mean, is the average Joe really into lavender-infused honey delights, or do most folks just want their good old chocolate scoop?
    Thanks for dishing out this sweet insight into the world of artisanal treats. It’s a refreshing take on what’s usually just seen as a summer snack.
    Appreciate your hard work and for sharing these cool scoops!


    • Hey Makhsud,

      Thanks for your cool comment, love what you did there with the ice cream puns!

      As you have quite rightly pointed out, people do love their classics. The world’s favourite ice cream is none other than – CHOCOLATE, with Vanilla and Strawberry close behind. People do love their classics.

      However, there is also a new movement that is happening, people are enjoying and experimenting with new and unexpected flavour combinations too. If you haven’t tried Lavender & Honey Ice Cream, you might be surprised just how good that flavour combination is, along with many other new-era flavour combinations.

      Much as I love experimenting with new and unusual flavours, my all-time favourite remains a refreshing Mint Chop Chip so I appreciate the classics very much too.

      Thanks again for dropping by and for your cool comment.

      Cherie :o)

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