What is the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavour?

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When you think about the most popular flavours of Ice Cream – what comes to mind? Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint? Those are the first 4 we think of. Thinking a little harder there’s Neopolitan, Coffee, Caramel, Pistachio, Raspberry Ripple, Banana, and Rum n Raisin.

In recent years we’ve had a deluged of new flavours – Bubble Gum, Candy Floss, Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream. The list goes on, but what’s the most popular ice cream flavour?

The Nation’s Favourite Dessert.

TK Maxx polled 2,000 respondents to get the inside scoop on the nation’s favourite ice cream.

Vanilla came out on top (28%), followed by mint choc chip (22%) and chocolate (19%). It seems that Brits prefer sweeter flavours over fruity options, as coconut (8%), banana (8%), and cherry (5%) fell to the bottom of the ranking.

What's the most popular ice cream flavour image 1 jpeg 6 cones laid out with pink and white ice cream scoops with fresh strawberries and flowers white background frosted fusionsVanilla was the top ice cream flavour among both men (29%) and women (28%). However, men ranked mint choc chip in second place (22%), while women chose salted caramel as their second favourite flavour (25%).

The survey revealed that while vanilla was the majority favourite, not all UK regions agreed.

Most UK regions ranked vanilla as the most popular ice cream, and this was highest in Scotland (36%) and the East Midlands (32%). The only two regions not to vote vanilla as the top flavour were Northern Ireland which chose chocolate (24%), and Yorkshire and Humber where mint choc chip (31%) came out on top.

The survey also revealed some interesting generational differences when it comes to ice cream flavours;

Over-55s showed a clear preference for traditional flavours such as rum and raisin (18%) and raspberry ripple (15%). However, among 16-24s these flavours were much less popular at 3% and 8%, respectively.

Youngsters were more likely to embrace modern, trendier flavours. 16-24-year-olds love choc chip cookie dough (22%), cookies and cream (21%), and bubblegum (8%). However only 6% of over-55s chose cookie dough, 3% chose cookies and cream, and bubblegum was the least popular among over-55s at 2%.

There is a Science as to Why We Love Ice Cream.

What's the most popular ice cream flavour image 2 jpeg microscope frosted fusionsA top gastro-physicist has explained how a combination of physical and emotional factors make ice cream such a popular treat.

Jozef Youssef explains how milk in ice cream contains a-Lactalbumin, a protein which contains more tryptophan than other proteins.

Ingestion of this protein can improve mood and cognition due to increased serotonin, and aid in dopamine production.

The soft texture of ice cream often coupled with surprising bursts of crunch, a firm mouth feel that slowly melts on the tongue, cold temperature and uniquely dense flavours create the ‘ultimate taste experience,’ according to Jozef.

This is combined with several emotional factors that are triggered by eating ice cream.

A study of 2,000 people by online supermarket Ocado found the top reasons for enjoying ice cream include looking for contentment (76%), feeling like a kid again – helping bring back happy memories (52%) or invoking nostalgia (46%).

Talking about that sense of nostalgia – Remember how the distant chimes of an ice cream van would send us running, clutching our precious pennies, in pursuit of that long-awaited (well in truth only one day), delicious treat? There is something about that sound, that excitement, that thrill.

7 out of 10 adults admitted ice cream is still their favourite dessert, with the majority saying it’s the one thing that turns their mood around when they’re feeling low.

This rings true even when eating out, with 57% seeing ice cream as the perfect pudding to end a meal and men slightly more likely to order ice cream at a restaurant than women.

The survey Ocado undertook concluded that their research showed the extent of Brits’ long love affair with ice cream.

What’s your favourite?

Some people don’t like to stray away from the classics, it’s a classic for a reason after all right?

Here at Frosted Fusions, we have a penchant for the classics, this is true. Mint Choc chip would probably rank very highly on the list of the ones mentioned above, however, we also have a few that we’ve not seen on many lists or surveys before.

In fact, it’s quite probable we never will. Although, we should never say never!


We are partial to throwing together flavours that generally you don’t see and at first thought it’s a big fat no-no, however, despite some fails in our experimenting and flavour combinations (there have been a few!) there have been some incredible winners too!

Beetroot, yes, you did read that correctly, Beetroot Ice Cream (not 3 words you would generally link together) has surprisingly proven to be a real winner!

What's the most popular ice cream flavour image 3 jpeg magenta coloured beetroot ice cream in tray angled  frosted fusions

Beetroot is actually quite a naturally sweet vegetable and it has rich, earthy notes too. Then there’s that incredible colour! Which is only enhanced by the process of transforming it into an ice cream. We’ve been quite surprised by the results and we’ve also been able to make a dairy-free version using Coconut milk as an alternative and those who have tried it, who can’t otherwise try out the dairy versions, have been over the moon with the results.

We’ve listed all the information on how to make this Homemade Beetroot Ice Cream, along with many more favourites on our Recipes & Methods page.

We have tried very many different combinations, Cherry Bakewell is made with Almond milk to enhance the Cherry Bakewell flavour and draw out the almond notes. Bacon and Maple Syrup is another curious, yet rather tasty delight! First, you get the smooth, creamy, sweet Maple syrup ice cream then a crunchy, salty piece of bacon which is quite surprising. A taste quite familiar, but totally unexpected at that moment, i.e. whilst eating Ice cream. It really shouldn’t work, but somehow it does!

Mango is another favourite, not a curious fusion per se, but quite a deliciously smooth Tropical Mango Ice Cream.

Another flavour fusion we love is Cherry Amaretto, however, be warned; ice creams that contain alcohol require a bit of a different approach in the making processes. Alcohol is renowned for acting like an anti-freeze when it comes to ice cream and ultimately stops ice cream from freezing fully.

Fortunately, you’ll be pleased to know, that we have a technique or two that we’ve learned along the way on how you can manage this if you opt to make any ice creams that contain alcohol in them. See our post ‘How to Make Delicious, Indulgent, Homemade Ice Cream‘ for tips on how to use and incorporate Alcohol in your homemade ice creams. Also check out our article – The Art and Science of Blending Alcohol with Ice Cream – Frosted Fusions – that explains – exactly what it says on the tin – the art and science of blending alcohol with ice cream, again offering tips and tricks on how to make this work.

Ultimately, the wonderful thing about making your own Ice Cream is – there really are no limits!

Once you get the hang of the ice cream-making process in its basic form, you can pretty much then take any fruit, vegetable and flavour combination that you like and give it a go.

Some let’s face it are destined for failure, and that’s okay as there are likely to be some absolute successes along the way too!


What's the most popular ice cream flavour image 4 jpeg rippled ice cream in white bowl with fresh blueberries frosted fusionsThere’s no denying that Ice cream has a sense of fun and nostalgia about it. Whether that’s the all-time classics or the newer, more trendier flavours that we see more frequently these days.

There’s even scientific evidence that explains why we as a nation love ice cream so much!

Well, if it’s scientifically proven, we think we should eat more of it, a whole lot more!

(Caveat; of course, everything in moderation, naturally).

Are you a classic ice cream lover? Or are you more partial to some of the newer flavours? Are you the experimental type and if so what are your favourite flavour combinations that you’d put together?

We’d love to hear from you about your favourite flavours! Please drop us a message in the comments section below.

And for a little ice cream humour; What did one scoop of ice cream say to the other scoop? “You’re looking cool today!” Want to see some more silly jokes and fun facts about ice cream? Click here for more.

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